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The Veterans Newspaper

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05 FORTNIGHTLY 06/07/17 sbt nEWs uPDAtE the uK’s no: 1 Veterans Magazine £5,000 Reward for return of Veterans Medals- Page 2 Meet the Patron of SBT - 3 Times BTCC Champion Matt Neal - Page 3 All the latest on this years Armed Forces Day - Page 4 Veterans Form new Political Party Veterans across the UK have stood up in union to form an inspired new Political Party, The UK Veterans and Peoples Party The Party Chairman, Mr Daniel Mitchell, from Haydock, Merseyside, a Veteran who served with The REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) as an Aircraft Technician and Mechanic said: “I believe what we are planning is based on logic and common sense.” The policies and ethics of the party are based on the virtues of genuine people. for example; “Everybody will be treated with respect, there will be transparency, we will listen to everyone’s opinion. We will honour our forefathers and be tolerant of all religions and cultures, although we are tolerant , we won't be walked over.” “We have been working on our proposals, which we envisage will be ready for scrutiny in due course. At present my colleague and Founder of the Party Damian McAndrew has already completed a proposal on the Education system from cradle to grave, a complete reform of the political landscape, and has now progressed onto homelessness before tackling the issues with The NHS. Once all proposals have been agreed they will then be amalgamated to produce a fully costed manifesto.” A key focus of the Party being the reorganisation of the NHS. With a plan to cut micromanagement and bringing back Matrons running hospital wards. Mr Mitchell said: “We would like to see cuts in unnecessary management roles and Matrons back on wards rather than being office based as it provides a more hands on and personal approach. We’re also keen to see discounts on pharmaceutical drugs and a view to deprivatisation. ” When commenting on the emergency services, “The ambulance service is currently graded as an ‘essential’ service and we’d also plan to see this upgraded to an ‘emergency’ service. This would then become centrally-funded in order to relieve financial strain on the NHS. “When we attain political office, we will overhaul the NHS systems and procurement issues. The NHS worked perfectly well for years before it was systematically stripped down to its bare bones by private lobbying groups taking it for every penny they could.” One of the party’s more controversial proposals is another ‘deterrent’, the death penalty, which Mr Mitchell claims a high number of people within the party have advocated and are committed to the reintroduction of the death penalty provided the case against the accused is watertight and is carried out in a humane way. Particularly in light of current events, to hold terrorists accountable for their actions. “Imagine you are looking at the case of the killer of Fusilier Lee Rigby. The man consciously decided what he was going to do, and commit to removing Lee Rigby’s right to life, so therefore it’s justified that he too would lose his own rights to life.” Mr Mitchell said: “Everybody with a military connection understands consequence and punishment. If you do something wrong, your punishment should be equal. “If you take someone’s life then yours may possibly be taken too.” It’s a deterrent as are nuclear missiles – it doesn’t have to be used. To that end, The UK Veterans’ and People’s Party are very much in support of the possession of Trident as a nuclear deterrent, a topic that prompted heated debate during the recent general election, however, they said they would support a worldwide nuclear amnesty if it was ever agreed. Going back to the party’s roots, Mr Mitchell also touched on the treatment of Veterans in the UK, branding it a ‘sham’, and vowed to honour them as one of the key principles of the party’s policy. “The treatment of the military forces is a sham. When we leave the army, they shake our hands, give us a pat on the back and say there you go.” After that the government and society just aren't interested “The British government do not care. In America, the government can’t bend over backwards enough to cater for their veterans.” Mr Mitchell went on to say “We do not believe that the fact that we are veterans will affect our leadership in any way. Veterans accept a natural chain of command, as do like-minded civilians.” When Danny Mitchell, Chairman of the UK Veterans and People’s Party discussing positions within the party he added “Any post within our party will be gained by skillset and experience along with a suitable background, this may mean it is filled by either a civilian or a Veteran, certain positions would be more suited to a civilain whereas certain positions in office would be far greater suited to an ex-serviceman, furthermore, the best person for the job will get the job, it's as simple as that and together with one voice, we will stand united. “However, the fact that the Party has been founded by Veterans may unnerve several current politicians who may have sent their new colleagues into dangerous situations in the past.” “We as a party are strongly against ‘career Politicians’ who go to University with the intention of becoming Politicians for personal gain, being an elected Politician is an honour and a privilege and should be treated that way.” The UK Veterans’ and People’s Party has pledged to cap Politicians’ salaries, hold them accountable for their actions and repair the flaws in our current system using common sense and plain English.” Mr Mitchell added: “Current Politicians and the sham that we call the current Government are all in it for themselves. They go to university with the intention of becoming a Politician, and they believe the behaviour of those who have preceded them is acceptable and we believe this is not the case.” “From my experience, if you want to fix something, firstly you need to understand why it is broken. Whenever approaching any given problem a logical process is required in order to effect a satisfactory repair. Todays politicians don’t understand how to fix things because they’ve never had to fix anything before.” Mr Mitchell said: “ The British forces, since their establishment in 1707 have become renowned as world leaders in conflict around the globe. This time we consider it is a war with the Politicians. We will take it to their door and show them first hand what we're made of. Courage, Honour and Integrity.” The Sandbag Times would like to stress that this is the original and acurate report from Danny Mitchell and UK Veterans and People’s Party. There have been versions in the press which have had inaccuracies which potential voters may find misleading. This report is, as they say, from the Lion’s mouth. For more on the UKV&PP Click Here. SBS IN HAND TO HAND COMBAT DRAMA One man, a SBS Warrant Officer, drowned one of the ISIS soldiers in a puddle after forcing his face into the ground, claims the source. The same man then picked up a stone and smashed the skull of another terrorist fighter. After five minutes of hand-to-hand combat, 12 ISIS fanatics were dead or severely injured while the rest of the cowardly jihadists fled in fear. Miraculously, everyone of the Brits survived despite all of the proud men sustaining injuries. At least two of the brave fighters received gun shot wounds. They eventually walked five miles before hitching a ride back to an SAS base with a Kurdish soldier. All but two of them returned to combat within a matter of days following the incredible incident. The SBT Says... Two refreshing front page stories. Firstly, the UK Veterans and People’s Party are now my chosen party, not because they are a Veterans party (Although that is a big plus for me) but they are talking real sense. Secondly, what more can I say about the SBS other than ‘Well done, UK Heroes’. A team of British Special Forces, from the elite Special Boat Service, have engaged ISIS in hand to hand fighting near Mosul after running low on ammunition. The team were trapped in a river bed and decided to die a ‘Soldier’s Death’ rather than succumbing to torture and beheading by the extremist fighters. Reports say that they all shook hands and said goodbye to each other before rushing the ISIS position and attacking them with knives and fists. One soldier used his weapon as a club, killing three fighters according to reports. The attack comes in the final stages of the battle to retake Mosul and defeat ISIS. Around 90% of Mosul is liberated at the moment while an estimated 1,000 ISIS militants remain bogged down inside the northwestern sector of the city Senior Isis leaders have been forced to accept that they will lose their caliphate in Syria and Iraq and see terrorist attacks in the West as the way forward for jihad, according to foreign fighters who are abandoning the Islamist group as it faces an onslaught in Mosul and an impending attack on Raqqa. Despite the ISIS defeat, the UK is still on alert following terrorist attacks. Page 1


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