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The Veteran - July Edition

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The Veterans newspaper produced by the Sandbag Times.

The Veteran - July

The Veteran In Support of The Tommy Atkins Centre 12th July 2018 THE SANDBAG TIMES WEEKLY NEWSPAPER RAF at 100 Celebration with Typhoon 100 Display P3 Sapperfest 2018 A Tale of Kindness P4 Facebook Block Social Media Site Blocks Veterans Page P4 WWTW & Danny Johnston Page 8 BRITAIN TO SEND 440 MORE TROOPS TO AFGHANISTAN UK to lead by example to help ‘bring the stability and security that the Afghan people deserve’ amid demands from Trump for Europe to do more The UK will send an additional 440 troops to the Nato mission in Afghanistan amid pressure from Donald Trump for European allies to do more. Theresa May is set to make the commitment at the Brussels Nato summit, which begins today. The US President flew into Europe after posting a typically combative tweet demanding Europe contribute more to the collective defence 100 DAYS TO GO See Page 6 force. The UK’s pledge of 400 more non-combat troops will raise the number in the county to 1,090. About half will deploy from the Welsh Guards in August and the remainder will follow by next February. Mrs May said the UK was leading by example to help ‘bring the stability and security that the Afghan people deserve. At the height of the war, Nato had more than 130,000 troops from 50 nations in Afghanistan. The UK had 9,500 personnel and 137 bases in Helmand alone. As of last month, there were 16,000 troops from Nato focusing on assisting the Afghan army and police. President Trump is set to meet his Nato allies today in Belgium but sent a tweet reminding them that the US spent ‘many times more’ on their defence than any other alliance member. AFVBC @ Armed Forces Day Page 9 Agony Aunt, Hilda Ffinch Answers your Letters Page 11 OP WAMITS Get involved with the awareness campaign to ‘Walk A Mile In Their Shoes’ Page 8 SUBSCRIBE FREE TO THE SANDBAG TIMES TODAY WWW.SANDBAGTIMES.CO.UK 1

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